Are you ready for your one of a kind trip?

My tours are designed to match your desires and enriched by my unique perspective. I’m Hayden, and I have worked and lived in Nepal for over six years. I have learned about, seen and experienced everything Nepal has to offer – just as a local would.

Want a trip in Nepal no one has had before?

Who are Custom Nepal Tours For?

Why Custom Tours in Nepal?

So you can experience everything there is to see… Without the headache of planning. I take the pain out of choosing destinations, figuring out how and when to go, and the guessing game of how much things should cost.

Need something during your trip? Don’t worry I am only a message away. I’ll be available for questions, suggestions or any problems you may have during your trip.

You get the tour guide, without actually needing to be with the tour guide. In other words, you get the freedom to enjoy your trip when and how you want.

Swayambhunath - Famous Temples in Nepal
Swayambhunath in Kathmandu

How are these Custom Tours Different?

Unlike typical tour packages, my custom tours in Nepal are personalized to fit your desires. From start to finish, the itinerary is custom made for you. As a foreigner who has lived and worked all over Nepal for six years, I bring to the table a unique perspective, and knowledge to fully customize everything about your trip, by listening to your wants and needs for your trip in Nepal.

Typically, traditional tour operators offer predefined itineraries, but my tours are designed to align seamlessly with your aspirations and preferences. By delving into your desires through my tested questionnaires, I make experiences that are as unique as you are. Whether you’re an adventurous spirit seeking heart-pounding escapades, a couple in search of romantic seclusion, a family longing for authentic cultural immersion, or a group of friends with a thirst for off-the-beaten-path exploration, my tours cater to diverse tastes and travel styles.

Every interaction you’ll have, every celebration you’ll partake in, and every breathtaking landscape you’ll encounter is infused with the essence of a true insider – someone who has lived like a Nepali, is fluent in Nepali, and fostered connections throughout the country. With me, you’re not just touring Nepal; you’re experiencing it from a lens that only a seasoned local could offer. The result? A one of a kind adventure that resonates with your soul, defies the ordinary, and leaves an indelible mark on your journey.

How Are These Custom Tours in Nepal made?

The process of building these custom tours in Nepal is simple. Remember, the whole goal is to remove the headache of planning your trip. I have broken down the process into five easy steps.

1. Questionnaire

I provide you with my tried and tested questionnaire. The questionnaire that you will complete during the planning phase gives you the ability to select every aspect of your trip. It includes the types of activities, the cities you want to see, places you want to stay, budgets, all the way down to the type of food you want to eat.

2. Complete the Questionnaire:

You fill out the questionnaire and return it to me. Simple as that.

3. I Process your Answers:

I process your answers and information and begin constructing your detailed custom itinerary for your entire trip in Nepal. Including information about your hotels, restaurants, transportation, activities, tickets, guides, and everything else you need to have a headache free trip.

4. Provide You With Your One of a Kind Trip:

After I complete your personal itinerary, I provide you with the details of your trip, and everything that I have put together for you. You then go over it, and check your tour package to make sure you enjoy all of the aspects of your trip. If something is not right, or needs to be changed, we move on to step five! But if you like it, then happy travels!

5. Revisions to the Tour and Re-Submission:

In order to ensure you get that perfect trip, I provide everyone with two revisions of the schedule. My priority is to give you the best trip possible, and if that means redoing it twice, I am happy to do so! In order to do this, I ask for your feedback from the previous iterations, and then I add, drop, reorganize, and replan the trip so it is just right!

How Are Custom tours in Nepal made?

Why plan your vacation in Nepal with me?

Because no one tour package is the same. Everything you do during your trip in Nepal, is decided by you, with none of the headaches of planning.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Where in Nepal is Calling You?

Kathmandu-Custom Tours in Nepal


Want to know the secrets of Kathmandu? Or maybe the perfect itinerary for seeing everything in the Kathmandu Valley in just a few days? Then let’s plan that perfect trip!

Pokhara-Custom Tours in Nepal


Everyone visits Pokhara, but do they really experience everything they should? Let’s make sure you see things no other tourist has before!

Chitwan-Custom Tours in Nepal


Chitwan has a lot more than just animals and safaris. But do you know where to find those hidden gems in the city?

Lumbini, Nepal Custom Trips


Most people think Lumbini is only the sacred garden. But what about the other major Buddhist heritage sites in the area. Do you know about Siddhartha Gautama’s palace?

Mardi Himal Trek


So many treks in Nepal, but which one is the best? Maybe just a quick two day trek will suffice. Or maybe you want to explore the western lakes of Nepal?

Pashupatinath Temple, Personal trips in Nepal

Something Else?

Looking for something different altogether? Something more cultural? Or a little of everything? No matter, let’s make sure you’ve seen more than all the other tourists!