Gochujang in Nepal: Where to find the Chili Paste

My partner loves southeast Asian flavors and is on a constant hunt for finding soy sauce, mirin, Gojuchang, and every other southeast snack she can find. If we lived in Kathmandu, it would be easier to find all these products in Korean stores or online. However, outside of the valley it can be quite difficult to find gochujang in Nepal.

No matter how delectable the wonderful Korean and Japanese dishes are in the restaurants, it is always good to use chopsticks and prepare a yummy meal at home. So before you start prepping, fill your kitchen cupboards with soy sauce, mirin, sake, sriracha, onigiri sauce, and seaweed by searching a Japanese/ Korean store near you in Pokhara! 

Is Gochujang available in Nepal?

Yes, Gochujang is available in Nepal. You can find it in Kathmandu, Pokhara and online. You can buy 500 grams of Gojuchang in Nepal for NPR 695.

To make it easier, for the people looking for Gochujang in Nepal (or any other Japanese/Korean food items), we have broken down your options for Pokhara and Kathmandu. I have also included a few online stores in Nepal you can find the sweet and spicy chili paste from!

1: Where to find Gochujang in Pokhara

Store Selling Korean and Japanese food at Saleways in Lakeside, Pokhara
Store Selling Korean and Japanese food at Saleways in Lakeside, Pokhara

Saleways at Halanchowk in Pokhara, Lakeside, has a separate store on the underground floor that sells products from Japan and Korea. The store is great and sells authentic Japanese and Korean products, and is one of our favorite stores in Pokhara. So if you’re wondering where to buy Japanese or Korean products (like Gochujang) in Pokhara, you can stop by Saleways and get all you need.

The store is teeny tiny but is filled with snacks, cooking sauce, mirin, sake, kimchi, gojuchang, and even a few cutlery items like chopsticks and bento boxes. A few items that we buy in the store are gojuchang, rice paper, seaweed wrappers, snacks, sriracha, soup pastes (miso, seaweed), mayo, and onigiri sauce. The store isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. 

2. Where to find Gochujang in Kathmandu

If you are looking for gochujang in Kathmandu, there are a couple different places you can find it at. One of my favorite places to get it from is Sara Mart in Samakushi Townplanning (close to Thamel). Another place you can find it is at K-Mart Nepal, a Korean store in Bhaisepati. They sell an array of Korean ingredients and food items. 

3. Online options for Gochujang in Nepal

If you are outside of Kathmandu and Pokhara, your best bet will be to try shopping online. A few online shops that carry Gochujang are:  Daraz, and ekoreanstore.com. Also, you may get lucky at Bhatbhateni as they carry the paste occasionally.

Get your Japanese or Korean products from Saleways in Pokhara

Kimchi, Miso paste, and Gochujang at Saleways at Halinchowk, Lakeside
Kimchi, Miso paste, and Gochujang at Saleways at Halinchowk, Lakeside

My partner loves the store and visits frequently. The store is well organized, and the staff is friendly. Additionally, they also have homemade ginger stock in bottles, kimchi, and gojuchang. Southeast Asian flavors are amazing, and unfortunately, there are not many stores to get Japanese or Korean food products in Pokhara. Luckily, Saleways’s underground Asian store can help you solve half the problem!

The store imports their food items from abroad, so there can be a long wait at times when they run out. However, if you ask the staff, they can typically give you a good idea on how long it will be before they restock their shelves.

FAQs: Gochujang in Nepal

If you are on the hunt for some Korean and Japanese foods and ingredients, then these frequently asked questions might help you out!

1. What is Gochujang?

Gochujang is a spicy chili paste used in Korean cooking. The paste is made from red chili peppers, fermented soya beans, rice, and salt. The paste is also sweet, so don’t worry if you can’t handle too much spice, as it has a good balance.

If you have never tried it before, you are missing out! I recommend trying it at one of the best Korean restaurants in Pokhara, Natssul. You can order the Bibimbap which comes with the sauce!

2. Is Gochujang available in Nepal?

Yes, gochujang is available in Nepal. You can buy the chili paste either online or in Korean and Japanese stores in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

One of the best places to find gochujang in Pokhara is at Saleways at Lakeside. However, you can also find it by shopping online in Nepal, at places like: Daraz, and ekoreanstore.com. I have noticed it is more expensive at these online stores, however.

3. What is the price for Gochujang in Nepal?

You can buy a 500 gram gojuchang in Nepal for NPR 695.

You can find some cheaper options as well from local producers. I have seen items such as gochujang and kimchi at saturday markets in Pokhara and Kathmandu. However, the quality of it can vary, so make sure to ask for a quick sample of them if

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