The Grounds Restaurant in Pokhara, Lakeside

The Grounds Restaurant is a new restaurant in Pokhara that offers a variety of unique food that packs a tasty punch compared to other restaurants at Lakeside. It is close to the lake, where your family and kids can enjoy a relaxing day along the shoreline of Fewa Lake. The Grounds is a new restaurant at Lakeside and has an elegant open space concept complemented with wooden and bamboo furniture. There is nothing unique on the menus; however, they exceed expectations in terms of quality and flavors. 

The interior consists of a handful of outdoor seats in the front, seatings at the top, and an open, fast-moving kitchen on the ground floor. There is no indoor seating, and everything is outside under a canopy-style roof. Made me wonder how they will manage during monsoon seasons. They have high wooden ceilings that are arched and decorated with plastic plants. You can only tell the difference between the plants once you are close to them. However, I wish they had used real plants to decorate the ceiling and would’ve complemented the earthy tones of the restaurant. The food alone would get your attention, but the atmosphere will make you want to stay longer. 

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The Grounds Restaurant in Lakeside, Pokhara

First Take on The Grounds Restaurant in Pokhara

Though the dishes could be more imaginative and creative, the portions are good, and prices are mid-range. If you have been experiencing disappointment for a while, then The Grounds by Majestic Lake Front at Lakeside, Pokhara, can restore your faith in restaurants in Pokhara. The menu is decent and serves a lot of food, from pizzas to spaghetti, Nepali dishes including momos to Indian dishes, and a wide variation of starters. They have a separate menu for the drinks, and honestly, it’s pretty good. The drinks were also very satisfying, and the price we paid for seven items was low (they don’t add vat tax or service charge on the bill!) The staff is very friendly, responsive, and quick to help. Though they might forget to get you a glass of water, it’s really not a big deal. You just need to keep bugging them or scream from the top floor!

Food And Drinks Rundown of The Grounds Restaurant

Not sure if the food is for you? Take a look at the rundown of the food I tried at The Grounds. I also included The Ground’s menu below if you are curious about what else they offer. Let’s get right into it by looking at the appetizers first.

Mozzarella Sticks – Starter

I recommend not getting this dish. It wasn’t disappointing but not as expected. The menu mentions serving it with marinara sauce, but the restaurant gives you mayo dip instead. And you really have to ask for the marinara sauce, and then it’s okay. The price for the sticks is also high as it doesn’t match up with the quantity. The dish only comes with four mozzarella sticks which was a huge disappointment for how much they cost. They were not the best mozzarella sticks I’ve eaten, but it was nice to find a restaurant serving them. However, we would avoid ordering this side dish.

Hummus and Pita – Starter

Hummus and Pitta from The Grounds Restaurant
Hummus and Pitta Starter

The hummus and pita were okay, nothing special. If we had to eat hummus and pita, we recommend eating at OR2K at Lakeside. The hummus portion was decent for the price and came with four pieces of pita. You will need to order more bread to eat all the hummus. Overall the dish was decent, and it was a good light starter. I would have it again. 

Fettuccine Carbonara – Main Dish

Fettuccine Carbonara from The Grounds

Yes, Carbonara does better with the normal spaghetti noodles, but since my partner loves fettuccine, she had to go with it. The fettuccine carbonara is creamy, mouth-watering, and a delectable pile of yummy goodness. We loved this traditional cuisine with perfect slices of bacon, chilies, kick of garlic and topped generously with cheese. I recommend getting a side salad to enjoy it with. 

Strawberry Lemonade – Drinks from the Ground (YUMMY!)

Strawberry Lemonade - Sweet and Delicious from the Grounds
Strawberry Lemonade – Sweet and Delicious

It is my favorite drink on the menu. The restaurant does have a big list of smoothies, juices, milkshakes, and lassi, but we always like to start with basic drinks. The lemonade was delicious and had a natural kick of strawberries. The lemonade is a combination of fresh strawberries and lemons that make your taste buds dance and quench your thirst! 

Menu from The Grounds in Pokhara:

Below are the menu from The Grounds Restaurant on Lakeside. It includes photos of the main dishes, starters, drinks and alcohol menu.

  • Bar Menu from The Grounds at Lakeside
  • Starter Menu from The Grounds at Lakeside
  • Wine Menu from The Grounds at Lakeside

The Grounds Restaurant: The Verdict

Since they are a recently opened restaurant in the area, we need to find out if they are one of the best restaurants in Pokhara yet. But would we go back again? Definitely! They had a lot of dishes, and some of the food they served to other guests looked really good. We want to try a few more dishes before we make up our minds about the place. However, we love the restaurant’s contemporary design, which perfectly fits the ambiance and vibe of the Lakeside. 

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