How Many People Have Climbed Mt Everest?

As of January 2023, a total of 6,338 individuals have successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest. In addition, roughly 600 individuals summited Everest during the 2023 climbing season. The 600 climbers, as of July 2023 include 350 Sherpas providing support to 250 clients.

The 600 individuals have not been verified by The Himalayan Database, and we are awaiting the update on new climbers reaching the summit of Everest. The additional summits in 2023 put the official summit count of Everest over 12,000 times.

You can find the name of every climber that has reached the summit of Everest at The Himalayan Database

Who summited Everest the Most?

Kami Rita Sherpa of Nepal has summited Everest the most number of times – 28. On 23rd May 2023, he accomplished a remarkable feat by scaling the mountain for the 28th time, surpassing his previous record set merely six days earlier, on 17th May 2023.

In total, 266 people have summited Everest more than one time.

Which Country has Climbed Everest the Most?

The country with the most summits of Everest is Nepal at 1,756, followed by the USA at 748, and India with 526. In total, climbers with 153 nationalities have reached the summit of Everest.

The top 10 countries by number of Everest summits are as follows:

  1. Nepal –  1756
  2. USA –  748
  3. India – 526
  4. China – 495
  5. UK – 412
  6. Japan – 205
  7. Russia – 177
  8. Canada – 133
  9. France – 129
  10. Australia – 122

How many people try to climb Everest each year?

Over 800 people try to climb Everest each year. In 2023, Nepal issued 478 permits, amounting to 1,200 people attempting to summit Everest marking the busiest season ever on the mountain.

Even though it is considered difficult to climb Everest, the number of climbers attempting the ascent has been increasing in recent years. On average, several hundred climbers make the attempt each year during the climbing season, which typically falls in the spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October) months.

How many people have died trying to climb Everest?

Over 310 people have died trying to climb Mount Everest. In 2023, 17 people died while on Everest, marking the most deadly season in the history of Everest.

The majority of deaths on Everest occur in the Rainbow Valley region of the mountain (Mt. Everest’s death zone). The deaths are attributed to weather conditions, exposure, high altitude sickness, lack of oxygen, and avalanches. On average, four people die on the mountain each year, many of which remain on the slopes of Everest.

It is believed there are over 200 dead bodies still on Everest – read about the most famous dead bodies on Mount Everest.

Number of People Who Have Climbed Mount Everest Continues to Grow:

In 2013, a total of 6,871 summits were recorded, achieved by 4,042 individuals. Despite facing two challenging years of disaster in 2014 and 2015, the number of summits increased significantly, reaching 7,646 by the end of 2016, with 4,469 individuals making the climb.

The year 2018 witnessed a remarkable milestone, as around 800 people successfully summited Mount Everest, setting a new record for the highest number of summits in a single year, surpassing the 667 recorded in 2013.

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