Chandragiri Cable Car: Ride to the Birthplace of Modern Nepal!

Chandragiri Hill has played a significant role in Nepalese history. During the 17th century, King Prithivi Narayan Shah visited the Kathmandu Valley and devised an attack strategy there. This is one of the reasons that the Chandragiri Cable Car was built on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

Another historical significance for the Chandragiri Cable Car, and Chandragiri hill in general is due to the fact that the Rana dynasty, who had ruled Nepal for 107 years, brought and carried the first car by hand to Nepal along the Chandragiri road to Kathmandu. 

However, what used to be a grueling uphill trek can now be completed in around 9-minutes thanks to the commercial ropeway that was built there. The Cable Car was first opened in 2016 and is a pleasant 2.5 KM long ride to one of the best viewpoints in the KTM Valley.

This blog covers everything you need to know about the Chandragiri Cable Car in the Kathmandu Valley, including the length of the ropeway, the price of tickets, the schedule, and the location. 

Where is the Chandragiri Cable Car Located?

Chandragiri hill is located about seven kilometers uphill from the main part of Kathmandu and is in the southwest part of the KTM Valley in Godam Thankot. The lower station can be found directly off the Prithvi Highway while leaving Kathmandu.

The map below also shows the exact location of the cable car, along with the three other commercial cable cars in Nepal.

How long is the Chandragiri Cable Car?

Chandragiri Cable Car is 2.5 km (1.55 miles) long. The ride takes nine minutes to reach the top station at Chandragiri from the bottom station in Godam Thankot. The cable car gives you a close-up view of the pristine forest and city while ensuring a smooth and safe journey.

What are the operating hours of the Chandragiri Cable Car?

The Chandragiri Cable Car is open daily and runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays and 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekends and public holidays. The ropeway is closed for break time each day from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.

What can I do at Chandragiri Hills after the cable car?

Chandragiri Cable Car View Tower
Chandragiri Cable Car View Tower

There are many stores promoting nationally recognized brands and local goods at the top station. Moreover, around the area, there are cafes and food stands to grab something to eat, like some of Nepal’s traditional dishes, or even some delicious Nepali street food. 

A focus has been put on making the area accessible to people with disabilities, and older adults. This includes access to the shops, restaurants, nature and wildlife, history, and culture activities located around the top station. Also, there are plans to develop an entertainment park, along with paragliding and zip-lining excursions!

Why is the Cable Car in Chandragiri so Famous?

Chandragiri Cable Car with Snow
Chandragiri Cable Car with Snow

A popular tourist destination, the Chandragiri hilltop offers a wonderful fusion of scenic beauty and historical value. The highly well-kept Bhaleshwar Mahadev Temple, located on Chandragiri Hill, satisfies the area’s cultural diversity. 

The temple has two stories, in traditional Nepalese style, with pagoda influences, wooden grid windows, and wall carvings of many gods and goddesses. A statue of King Prithvi Narayan Shah is located outside the temple, facing the distant, snow-capped mountains. It holds historical significance because it is believed that King Prithvi Narayan Shah said prayers here before uniting Nepal and capturing the Kathmandu Valley.

Additionally, it is thought that while meditating on the mountain, Bhaleshwar Mahadev blessed him for his devotion. Chandragiri Hill served as one of the four trade gateways used by Prithvi Narayan Shah after he had united the nation.

Can we see Mt Everest from Chandragiri hill?

Yes, Mount Everest is visible from the Chandragiri Hill station on a clear day. The entire Himalayan range and a panoramic view of the Kathmandu Valley are visible from the top of Chandragiri hill!

Chandragiri gives a 180-degree panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks and the most picturesque perspective of the Kathmandu Valley. Moreover, it provides the closest viewpoint of Mount Everest in the entire KTM Valley. Finally, the viewpoint allows viewers to see nine of the 13 ranges in Nepal.

How much does it cost to ride the Chandragiri cable car?

Chandragiri Cable Car costs NPR 799 round trip for Nepalis, NPR 1,280 for SAARC nationals, USD 15 for Chinese citizens, and USD 22 for all other foreigners.

For a full account of ticket prices, please refer to the table below, which shows the Chandragiri Cable Car ticket price for both one-way and round trips. Please note that the costs and the discounts mentioned in this section are pulled directly from Chandragiri Cable Car’s official website.

Passenger/ParticularOne WayRound Trip
NepaliNPR 475NPR 799
ChineseUSD 9USD 15
ForeignerUSD 13USD 22
Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price List

The ropeway offers special rates and discounts for the following passengers:

  • Children up to 3 feet tall – Free entry
  • Children between 3 feet and 4 feet tall – 40% Off
  • People with Disabilities – 50% Off
  • Elderly People over the age of 60 – 25% Off
  • Elderly People over the age of 80 – Free Entry
  • Students – 25% Off
  • Locals – 25% Off
  • Expats – 25% Off

The Technical Features of the Chandragiri Cable Car:

The following table shows the technical features and specifications of the cable car.

Cable Car FeatureParticular Specification
OperatorChandragiri Hills Ltd.
No. of gondolas38 cars
Gondola  capacity8 people
Ridership10,000 people per day
Trips daily200
Trip duration9-12 minutes
Aerial lift typeMono-cable detachable gondola
Manufactured byDoppelmayr
Line length2,500 m (8,200 ft)
No. of support towers11
No. of cables1
Operating speed​​5.0 meters per second (m/s)
Table showing the technical features of the Chandragiri Cable Car

Chandragiri Cable Car Contact Details:

Operating Company Name: Chandragiri Hills Ltd.

Location: Thankot, Kathmandu, Nepal


Phone Number: +977-01-4312515, +977-01-4314898

Cable Cars in Nepal:

Annapurna cable car in Pokhara-Gondola
Cable Cars in Nepal have gained in popularity in recent years

The history of cable cars and ropeways in Nepal is robust, and dates back over 100 hundred years. However now, cable cars are used more for commercial purposes than the transportation of goods. And as of 2022, there are currently four cable cars in operation for commercial and tourism purposes throughout Nepal – with many other proposed projects in the works. Chandragiri Cable Car is one of four, with the other three ropeways in Nepal being: 

1. Manakamana Cable Car

Located in Cheres, Chitwan, The Manakamana Cable Car is a gondola lift system. Two stations make up the 2,772.2-meter line from Kurintar, Chitwan, to Manakamana, Gorkha. In 1998, the ropeway became the first system to be commercialized in Nepal. The cable car was constructed to help passengers reach one of Nepal’s most famous temples: The Manakamana Temple, which is known for granting its visitors wishes!

2. Kalinchowk Cable Car:

The Kalinchowk cable car was completed in November 2018. The ropeway is a popular attraction for pilgrims to travel from Kuri village to the Kalinchowk shrine. The Hindu Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple is close to the Kathmandu Valley and located in Dolakha, at 3,755 meters above sea level.

From the top of Kalinchowk, the Langtang Himal, Ganesh Himal, Shisha Pangma, Dorje Lakpa, Jugal Himal, and Gauri Shankar are visible. On clear days, one can see the surroundings of Kathmandu. Due to its reputation for snow in the winter, Kalinchowk also draws a great deal of visitors from the Kathmandu Valley.

3. Annapurna Cable Car

The Annapurna Cable Car in Pokhara is a brand-new tourist attraction at Lakeside. It allows tourists and visitors to forgo the 45-minute drive to Sarangkot and take a 10-minute cable car ride instead! The newly built ropeway at Sedi in Lakeside Pokhara was opened in early 2022 and is the newest addition to commercial ropeways in Nepal. 

Chandragiri Cable Car and the Birthplace of Modern Nepal!

Chandragiri Cable Car in the Kathmandu Valley has been helping religious devotees as well as tourists get above the pollution and visit one of the most historic locations in Nepal. Known as the place where King Prithivi Narayan Shah visited the Kathmandu Valley and devised an attack strategy to take over the valley, it holds a special place in Nepal’s history.

Fast forward over two centuries, it now longer takes a long hike to get to the top of the view point to take in the sprawling Kathmandu Valley, Mount Everest, and a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The Chandragiri ropeway has made it easy to traverse the hill, but don’t forget that you can also hike the terrain to the top as it is one of the best hiking trails in the Kathmandu Valley! But if you are like me, you will probably forego the hike back down and just enjoy the 9 minute cable car ride down the Chandragiri hill instead!

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