Kalinchowk Cable Car: Ticket Price, Opening Hours, & Distance

The Kalinchowk cable car, the third commercial ropeway in Nepal, started operating in a popular tourist and religious location in the Dolakha area in November 2018. The cable car is now well-known as one of the closest snowy escapes to the Kathmandu Valley. Additionally, the Kalinchowk Cable Car is famous for taking pilgrims to the renowned pilgrimage site for people to pray – The Hindu Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple!

The commercial ropeway has made it simple for visitors to get to the Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple. Whereas, if the short five-minute ride were not available, it would require visitors to take an hour and a half walk from Kuri Village to the temple, which is located at 3,755 meters above sea level. The Kalinchowk cable vehicle has reduced an hour-long, grueling walk to only five enjoyable minutes!

With a rich history of ropeways and cable cars in Nepal, this blog looks to provide information about the third commercial gondola ride in the country: Kalinchowk Cable Car. I discuss the location, the price of tickets, and the length of the ropeway.

Where is the Kalinchowk Cable Car Located?

The lower station of the Kalinchowk Cable car is located in Dholkha in Kuri Bazaar – about a six-and-a-half-hour drive from Kathmandu. The upper station is about 950 meters uphill, next to the Kalinchowk Bhagawati Temple.

The Kalinchowk is relatively close to the Kathmandu Valley, which results in many people from the region traveling to the Kalinchowk area to pay homage to the Hindu temple. Additionally, many people travel by the cable car to enjoy the snowfall and views of the Himalayas to the north.

Use the map below to see the location of the Kalinchowk Cable Car Station – use the menu bar in the top left corner to access the listed information.

How far is Kalinchowk from KTM?

About 150 kilometers separate Kathmandu from the Kalinchowk Temple. In addition, there is 70 km of smooth, rough road and 80 km of pitched road. It takes about six and a half hours from Kathmandu to reach Kalinchowk.

How long is the Kalinchowk Cable Car?

The cable car is 900 meters in length horizontally and has an incline of 950 meters. It takes roughly five minutes to travel to the upper station. 

Although the cable car is much easier and faster to travel to the top station to visit one of the most famous temples in Nepal, many people do decide to hike up the hill. At the same time, some visitors choose to take the difficult ascent and walk alongside the forests and fields. A typical adult takes an hour to reach the summit, but most people get there in about 70–80 minutes due to the cold and high altitude.

What are the operating hours of the Kalinchowk Cable Car?

The Kalinchowk Cable Car operates from 5:00 AM – 4:00 PM Sunday to Friday and from 3:30 AM – 4:30 PM on Saturdays and holidays. 

There are plenty of places to stay around the lower station, so feel free to take in the view from the top station and visit the temple before you take the cable car back down at the end of the day. There will be plenty of time to ride the ropeway during operating hours.

Why is the Kalinchowk Cable Car so Famous?

Kalinchowk Cable Car with snow around the hotels, kalinchowk cable car
Snowy wonderland around the hotels at Kalinchowk

Known as the snowy wonderland of Nepal, Kalinchowk is 3,842 meters above sea level and is situated in the Dolakha district. A remote municipality called Kalinchowk is home to a stunning landscape, charming resorts on snow-covered hills, and the well-known Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine.

Also, from the top station of the ropeway, one can see the Langtang Himal, Ganesh Himal, Shisha Pangma, Dorje Lakpa, Jugal Himal, and Gauri Shankar. On clear days, one can see the surroundings of Kathmandu. Due to its reputation for snow in the winter, Kalinchowk draws lots of visitors from the Kathmandu Valley.

Additionally, the cable car’s top station is where the Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine is a famous Hindu temple in the area. People from all over the place, as well as Kathmandu, go to the shrine to pay their respects to Bhagwati. Moreover, it is believed that visiting the temple will grant one’s wishes and desires!

What is the Best season to visit the Kalinchowk Cable Car?

The best seasons to visit Kalinchowk are spring, autumn, and the beginning of winter when it starts to snow.

The best time to travel and ride on the Kalinchowk ropeway is in the spring, when you can enjoy the snow and even go on a romantic hike to the upper station. If you visit during harvest, this location is renowned for its magical view of Mount Gaurisankhar (7,181m). 

One of the best locations to enjoy snow close to Kathmandu is Kalinchowk. Therefore, I encourage you to take this trip while it is snowing. At the height of 3600m, you may enjoy the snow. The snow is by far the best part of the trip!

Kalinchowk Cable Car Ticket Prices

Round trip tickets cost 600 NPR for Nepali, 960 NPR for Indian Nationals, and NPR 1,300 for foreigners.

For a complete account of ticket prices for the Kalinchowk Cable Car, please refer to the table below. The table has been copied from their official website.

Passenger/ParticularOne WayRound Trip
NepaliNPR 350NPR 600
StudentNPR 500
Senior Citizen (Above 60 years)NPR 500
Person with DisabilityNPR 500
Indian NationalNPR 480NPR 960
ForeignerNPR 650NPR 1,300
GoatNPR 350
Goods Per KgNPR 20
Table showing the prices of tickets for the Kalinchowk Cable Car

The following are notes regarding the prices of riding on the Kalinchowk Cable Car: 

  • The above rates are inclusive of all local taxes and applicable VAT.
  • Children are categorized by their height. Children above three feet and up to four feet in height qualify for the child rate.
  • No tickets are needed for children under three feet tall.
  • Elderly citizen and student rates only apply to Nepalis and require proof of ID.
  • Sixty years and above qualify for an older adult rate.
  • The validity of the cable car ticket is seven days from the date of purchase. No refunds will be made if the validity of the ticket expires.
  • All passengers are insured up to NPR 5,00,000.
  • A 15kg baggage allowance is given free of charge. Baggage exceeding the weight limit will be charged at NPR 16 per kg.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

The Technical Features of the Kalinchowk Cable Car:

The Kalinchowk Cable Car has four gondolas, each carrying a maximum of 10 passengers at one time. Moreover, the ropeway has two stations and traverses a distance of 2.5 Km while climing an altitude of 900 meters.

To build the ropeway, Kalinchowk Darshan Ltd spent NPR 450 million on the car’s installation. The construction was completed in November 2018 and had been operating ever since. 

Finally, the overall mission of the cable car and Kalinchowk Darshan Ltd, in general, is to create an “integrated tourist destination” and deliver superior products and services through the pioneering idea that empowers our customers, stakeholders, and society as a whole.

Kalinchowk Cable Car Contact Details:

Name: Kalinchowk Darshan Ltd

Location: Kalinchok Marg, Kuri Village

Phone Number: +977-15913710

Email: darshankalinchowk@gmail.com 

Cable Cars in Nepal:

Manakamana Cable Car in Nepal – First commercialized ropeway in the country

The commercial success of the Manakamana Cable Car has led to the development of other cable cars in Nepal, like the Kalinchowk Ropeway. Moreover, as of 2022, there are four cable cars in operation for commercial and tourism purposes in Nepal. One of the cable cars is the Kalinchowk Cable Car, the other three cable cars in Nepal are as follows: 

1. Manakamana Cable Car

The ropeway’s lower station is located in Cheres, Chitwan, and the Manakamana Cable Car is a ropeway that facilitates the transportation of pilgrims to the Manakamana Temple. The two stations comprise the 2,772-meter line from Kurintar, Chitwan, to Manakamana, Gorkha. In 1998, the ropeway became the first commercialized cable car in Nepal.

2. Chandragiri Cable Car

On the edges of the Kathmandu Valley, the Chandragiri Cable Car in Kathmandu was finished in 2016. It is perched on a mountain, offering stunning views of the Himalayas, including the Everest and Annapurna Himalayan Ranges. These 38 gondolas can accommodate 1000 passengers every hour. The roughly 2.5-kilometer hike to Chandragiri’s summit takes around 8 minutes.

3. Annapurna Cable Car

Anyone going to Lakeside must ride the Annapurna Cable Car in Pokhara. It makes it simple to reach the well-known Sarangkot viewpoint, which offers a stunning panoramic view of the Himalayas to the north and views of Phewa Tal and Lakeside.

The Annapurna cable car, the newest addition to Nepal’s commercial ropeways, debuted in early 2022.

Kalinchowk Cable Car: Ride to a Snowy Wonderland

The Kalinchowk cable car provides easy access to the hill station of Kalinchowk and mesmerizing views of the Himalayan mountains to the north. With such beautiful views, the chance to play in the snow, and the Bhagwati Shrine that is said to grant your wishes, it is no wonder that so many people want to travel to the region.

In general, the Kalinchowk area is a great place to relax and get out of the polluted Kathmandu Valley. If you find yourself with extra time while visiting Nepal and want to experience a romantic getaway in Nepal, then make sure to take a ride on the Kalinchowk Cable Car and play in the snow!

FAQs: Kalinchowk Cable Care

1. Which is the best time to visit Kalinchowk?

The ideal time to visit Kalinchowk is during the winter months, especially December, January, and February. This is the perfect time to enjoy the snow and experience a snowy wonderland at Kalinchowk.

2. How many km from KTM to Kalinchowk?

The distance between Kathmandu and Kalinchowk temple is approximately 150 kilometers. It takes around 6 hours to reach Kalinchowk from Kathmandu.

3. What is the story of Kalinchowk Temple?

The name Kalinchowk is derived from the goddess Kali, associated with power and destruction. In Dwapar Yuga, it is believed that the Pandavas came here for meditation. Mythology suggests that the goddess Kali used to meditate on Sumeru Parvat, located on the hilltop of Kalinchowk.

4. Is there snowfall in Kalinchowk?

Yes, there is snowfall in Kalinchowk. During the winter season, particularly in December, January, and February, Kalinchowk experiences snowfall. The snowy landscape attracts many visitors during this time, who come to enjoy the winter wonderland.

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