Complete guide to 81 of the tallest mountains in Nepal

Nepal is rich in natural beauty, and it is no different when considering the mountains in Nepal. Nepal has the tallest mountain in the world – Mount Everest – as well as eight of the world’s 10 tallest mountains. Additionally, when looking at Nepal’s mountains, it is home to at least 1,310 peaks over 6,000m in height. Many of these peaks are unnamed or unclimbed due to the complexity of their structure, and the ability to get to them. 

In an effort to compile data regarding the mountains in Nepal, or mountains that Nepal shares with China or India along its borders, I have generated a list of 81 mountains. The list covers their height, section of the Himalayas they are located in, year of the first ascent as well as the first person to climb the mountain. Need help locating these mountains? Have a look at our ‘Where is Nepal‘ blog.

If you are looking for more information about elevation and altitudes, then make sure to check out my blog about the elevation of Nepal, and other large cities! Also if you love the mountains as much as I do, then you you can take part in a fun and educational experience, while learning everything there is to know about the history and culture around the tallest mountains in the world at the International Mountain Museum in Pokhara.

Resource list of 81 of the tallest mountains in Nepal:

Much of this list has been generated with data from Nepal Himal Peak Profile, as well as other trekking agencies and resources online. Please let me know if you have further information about some of the mountains that had no information, or supposedly have not been climbed yet!

MountainMetersFeetSectionYear of First AscentFirst Person to Climb
Mount Everest8,84929,032Khumbu Mahalangur  May 29, 1953Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
Kanchenjunga8,58628,169Northern Kanchenjunga  May 25, 1955Joe Brown and George Band
Lhotse8,51627,940Everest Group  May 18, 1956Fritz Luchsinger and Ernst Reiss
Makalu8,46327,766Makalu Mahalangur  May 15, 1955Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy
Cho Oyu8,18826,864Khumbu Mahalangur  October 19, 1954Herbert Tichy, Pasang Dawa Lama, Joseph Jöchler
Dhaulagiri I8,16726,795Dhaulagiri  May 13, 1960Kurt Diemberger (Austria), Peter Diener (Germany), Ernst Forrer and Albin Schelbert (both Switzerland), Nawang Dorje and Nima Dorje (both Nepal/Sherpa)
Manaslu8,16326,781Mansiri May 9, 1956Toshio Imanishi (Japan) and Gyaltsen Norbu (Sherpa)
Annapurna I8,09126,545Annapurna  June 3, 1950Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal, of the French expedition led by Herzog (including Lionel Terray, Gaston Rébuffat, Marcel Ichac, Jean Couzy, Marcel Schatz, Jacques Oudot, Francis de Noyelle)
Gyachung Kang7,95226,089Khumbu Mahalangur  April 10, 1964Kazuyoshi Kohara
Annapurna II7,93726,040Annapurna  May 17 1960Chris Bonington, Ang Nyima, J. O. M. Roberts, Richard Grant
Himalchuli7,89325,896Mansiri  May 24, 1960Hisashi Tanabe and Masahiro Harada, of Japan
Ngadi Chuli7,87125,823Mansiri  October 19, 1970 Hiroshi Watanabe and Sherpa Lhakpa Tsering, members of a Japanese expedition
Nuptse7,86125,791Everest Group  May 16, 1961Dennis Davis and Sherpa Tashi
Dhaulagiri II7,75125,430Dhaulagiri   May 18, 1971Jangbu Sherpa and Adolf Huber
Jannu7,71125,299Kumbhakarna Kangchenjunga  April 28, 1962René Desmaison, Robert Paragot, Sherpa Gyalzen Mitchu, Paul Kellar
Dhaulagiri IV7,66125,135Dhaulagiri   May 9, 1975Shiro Kawazu and Etsuro Yasuda
Dhaulagiri V7,61824,993Dhaulagiri   May 1, 1975Masaaki Morioka and Pemba Tsering Sherpa
Annapurna III7,55524,787Annapurna  May 6, 1961
Jongsang Peak748324551 Janak  June 3, 1930Hermann Hoerlin and Erwin Schneider
Gangapurna7,45524,459Annapurna  May 6, 1965Gunter Hauser, Ludwig Greissl, Hermann Kollensperger, Erich Reismueller, Ang Temba Sherpa, Phu Dorje Sherpa,
Yangra7,42224,350GaneshOctober 24, 1955Raymond Lambert, Claude Kogan, Eric Gauchat
Kabru7,41224,318Singalila Kangchenjunga  No information 
Churen Himal7,38524,229Dhaulagiri   October 24, 1970Kozo Hasegawa and Ang Norbu
Kirat Chuli7,36524,163Kangchenjunga  May 29, 1939Ernst Grob, Herbert Paidar, Ludwig Schmaderer,
Nangpai Gosum7,35024,114Khumbu Mahalangur  October 12, 1986Japanese expedition
Gimmigela Chuli7,35024,114   October 1994Taroh Tanigawa, Koji Nagakubo and Yuichi Yoshida
Chamlang7,32124,019Barun Mahalangur  May 31, 1962So Anma and Pasang Phutar Sherpa
Dhaulagiri VI7,26823,845Dhaulagiri   April 17, 1970Shiro Kawazu, Shoichi Kimura, Hisazumi Nakamura, Seijiro Yamamura,
Putha Hiunchuli7,24623,773Dhaulagiri   November 11, 1954James Roberts and Ang Nyima
Langtang Lirung7,22723,711LangtangOctober 24, 1978Pemba Tsering and Seishi Wada
Annapurna Dakshin (South)7,21923,684Annapurna  October 15, 1964Six-person team from the Kyoto University Alpine Club
Langtang Ri7,20523,638LangtangOctober 10, 1981Japanese expedition
Chamar7,18723,579SringiJune 1953M. Bishop and Namgyal
Melungtse7,18123,560Rolwaling  October 23, 1992Marko Prezelj and Andrej Stremfelj
Pumori7,16123,494Khumbu Mahalangur  1962Gerhard Lenser of a German-Swiss expedition
Nemjung Manang7,14023,425   October 27, 1983Makito Minami, Wataru Saito, Ken Takahashi, Kirki Lama,
Gaurishankar7,13423,406Rolwaling  May 8, 1979John Roskelley and Dorje Sherpa
Tilicho Peak7,13423,406Annapurna  October 10, 1978 Emmanuel Schmutz
Api7,13223,399Yoka Pahar Gurans  May 10, 1960Katsutoshi Hirabayashi (Japan) and Gyaltsen Norbu Sherpa (Nepal)
Baruntse7,12923,389Barun Mahalangur  May 30, 1954Colin Todd and Geoff Harrow of a New Zealand expedition led by Sir Edmund Hillary
Nilgiri7,06123,166Nilgiri Annapurna  October 1962Netherlands Himalayan Expedition lead by a French climber, Lionel Terray
Saipal7,03123,068Saipal Gurans  October 21, 1963Katsuotoshi Hirabayashi and Pasang Phutar Sherpa (I)
Machapuchare6,99322,943Annapurna  Sacred mountain, unclimbedPossibly climbed by Bill Denz (New Zealand)
Kang Guru6,98122,904Larkya or Peri  October 7, 1981Bill Denz (New Zealand)
Dorje Lakpa6,96622,854Langtang  October 18, 1981 Kunio Kataoka, Makoto Anbe, Kazunari Murakami, Eiichi Shingyoji, Pemba Tsering Sherpa,
Numbur6,95822,828Rolwaling  May 29, 1963Hiroshi Matsuo and Mingma Tsering Sherpa
Lugula6,88922,602Gandaki Province  November 02, 2010Renald Guillaune
Kanjiroba6,88322,582Kanjiroba Himal  1955British Expedition team
Kubi Gangri6,85922,503Himalayas  No information/ no ascents 
Jethi Bahurani6,85022,474Himalayas  April 27, 1978Kazuo Mitsui, Nobuhito Morota, Hideki Yoshida,
Ama Dablam6,81222,349Barun Mahalangur  March 13, 1961Mike Gill, Wally Romanes, Barry Bishop
Kangtega6,78222,251Barun Mahalangur  1963David Dornan, Tom Frost, Michael Gill, Jim Wilson, in an expedition led by Edmund Hillary
Cho Polu6,73522,096Barun Mahalangur  November 27, 1982Nil Bohigas Martorell
Kang Nachugo6,73522,096 October 17, 2008Joseph Puryear and David Gottlieb
Changla6,72122,051Himalayas  September 27, 2010Hirofumi Kobayashi, Seiya Nakasukasa, Yuta Shibayama, Naoki Yamaguchi,
Lingtren6,71422,028Khumbu Mahalangur  1935Eric Shipton and Dan Bryant
Num Ri6,67721,906Barun Mahalangur  November 7, 2002German climbers Olaf Rieck, Lydia Schubert and Carsten Schmidt
Khumbutse6,64021,785Khumbu Mahalangur  1979Franček Knez
Thamserku6,62321,729Barun Mahalangur  November 04, 1964Lynn Crawford, Peter Farrell, John McKinnon, Richard Stewart,
Pangboche6,62021,719Kutang Himal  No information 
Dragmarpo Ri6,57821,581Langtang  Not climbed 
Taboche6,54221,463Khumbu Mahalangur  April 15, 1974Louis Dubost and Paul Gendre
Singu Chuli6,50121,329Annapurna  June 13, 1957David Cox and Wilfred Noyce
Mera Peak6,47621,247Himalayas  May 20, 1953Col J.O.M. Roberts and Sen Tenzing
Hiunchuli6,44121,132Annapurna  October 09, 1971Craig Anderson, Peter Cross, Jim Richards, John Skow, Lane Smith
Cholatse6,44021,129Khumbu Mahalangur  April 22, 1982Vern Clevenger, Galen Rowell, John Roskelley, Bill O’Connor and Peter Hackett
Kusum Kanguru6,36720,889Barun Mahalangur  October 06, 1981Bill Denz
Ombigaichan6,34020,801Barun Mahalangur  November 17, 1960Jim Milledge and Ang Tshering Sherpa
Om Parvat6,19120,312Himalayas  October 8, 2004Tim Woodward, Andy Perkins, Jason Hubert
Kongde Ri6,18720,299Barun Mahalangur  1973German team
Imja Tse6,16020,210Khumbu Mahalangur  1956Hans-Rudolf Von Gunten and 2 unknown Sherpas
Lobuche6,14520,161Khumbu Mahalangur  April 25, 1984Laurence Nielson and Sherpa Ang Gyalzen
Pisang Peak6,09119,984Annapurna  1955German team
Nirekha6,06919,911Khumbu Mahalangur  April 2003Matt Fioretti and Greg Valentine
Baden-Powell Peak5,82519,111Jugal  September 2007International team of Scouting members. Mark Mangles was the first from the team
Pokalde5,80619,049Khumbu Mahalangur  April 15, 1953Everest Expedition team led by John Hunt
Mount Khumbila5,76118,901Mahalangur  Unclimbed 
Tharpu Chuli5,66318,579Annapurna  No information 
Kala Patthar5,54518,192Khumbu Mah  No information 
Yala Peak5,52018,110Langtang  No information 
Gokyo Ri5,35717,575Himalayas  No information 
Table with information about 81 mountains in Nepal

Guide to 81 of Nepal’s Tallest Mountains

Thanks to mother nature Nepal has been blessed with some of the tallest mountains in the world. With snow-covered peaks stretching to the blue skies, and the deep ravines in between, Nepal is nothing short of beautiful. No matter if you want to visit Mount Everest or one of the smaller tamer mountains, Nepal has every type of mountain imaginable to offer.

Looking for a well-known, safe, and easy trek? Check out the Annapurna Base Camp trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, or Tsho Rolpa Trek!

If you are feeling adventurous while traveling Nepal, consider checking out one of the lesser known mountains from the list of 81, and book a trek to experience the magic of the Himalayas. Or go for one of the mountains yet to be climbed! Either way, it will be a trip you will never forget!

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