Beginner Treks in Nepal: 10 Easy Trekking Routes [2023]

Welcome to the enchanting world of Nepal, a land blessed with breathtaking landscapes, majestic mountains, and a rich cultural heritage. Nepal is renowned as a trekker’s paradise, offering a plethora of trekking opportunities for adventure enthusiasts from around the globe. If you are a beginner seeking an unforgettable trekking experience, we are here to help with our beginner treks in Nepal rundown!

Trekking in Nepal not only challenges you physically but also gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. As a beginner, it is essential to choose a trek that provides a balanced blend of adventure, scenic beauty, and a manageable level of difficulty.

In this guide, we will take you on a journey through some of the best treks in Nepal specifically designed for beginners. Whether you dream of walking in the shadows of towering peaks, exploring quaint Himalayan villages, or witnessing cascading waterfalls and serene valleys, Nepal has something to offer every trekking enthusiast.

10 Best Beginner Treks in Nepal

We will delve into the magnificent Annapurna region, where you can experience the magic of the Annapurna Base Camp trek or the picturesque beauty of the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek. If you seek a taste of Nepal’s rich cultural heritage, the Langtang Valley trek presents an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique traditions of the Tamang and Sherpa communities. Alternatively, the Everest Panorama trek offers a shorter but no less spectacular journey, allowing you to witness the iconic Mount Everest up close.

Throughout this guide, we will provide you with valuable insights, practical tips, and essential information to ensure your trekking experience in Nepal is safe, enjoyable, and truly unforgettable. From the best seasons to travel and quick facts about the treks, we have got you covered with these beginner treks in Nepal.

1. Balthali Village Trek

Balthali Village Trek

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Maximum Elevation: 1,750 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Kathmandu
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: September to May

Balthali Village Trek, a hidden gem near Kathmandu, is one of the easiest treks you can shoot for. This unique trek presents a delightful blend of traditional Nepalese villages, breathtaking mountain vistas, and a tranquil environment, making it an ideal choice for beginners and families seeking a memorable adventure.

You will get panoramic views of majestic snow-capped mountains, including the impressive Langtang Himal, the formidable Manaslu, the sacred Gaurishankar, and the majestic Dorje Lakpa.

Traverse through Newar, Tamang, and other ethnic tribal villages, where you can witness the vibrant traditions, warm hospitality, and fascinating way of life. This off-the-beaten-path trek provides a sense of solitude, allowing you to embrace the tranquility of your surroundings.

Your journey commences with a drive from Kathmandu to Dhulikhel. From Dhulikhel, embark on a picturesque hike to Namo Buddha. This sacred place holds a compelling legend of Lord Buddha’s compassionate act, as he selflessly saved the life of a hungry tigress and her cubs. 

Continuing on your trek, you will make your way to the charming Balthali village. Take a day to explore this village, immersing yourself in its rustic beauty and savoring the serenity that envelopes the area. A hike up to Danda Gaon will reward you with a majestic view of the snow-capped mountains, providing a breathtaking panorama that etches itself into your memory.

Uncover the hidden treasures of the Balthali Village Trek, where nature’s beauty intertwines with the vibrant tapestry of Nepalese culture. Let the serenity of the surroundings and the warmth of the local communities leave an indelible mark on your heart.

2. Dhampus Sarangkot Trek

Dhampus Sarangkot Trek

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 2- 4 days
  • Maximum Elevation: 1,600 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Pokhara
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: All year

With the Dhampus Sarangkot Trek, adventurers will embark on a journey to three renowned vantage points in Pokhara: Sarangkot, Dhampus, and Naudanda. Marvel at the panoramic spectacle of majestic mountains, including Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Fishtail, Annapurna South, Dhaulagiri, and Lamjung Himal.

Sarangkot, renowned for its enchanting sunrise over the Himalayas and captivating vistas of Lake Phewa and Pokhara city, is a favorite spot for paragliding enthusiasts. As you explore the area, you’ll encounter the Damai settlement. Dhampus, predominantly inhabited by Gurung communities, offers a glimpse into local culture and showcases warm hospitality. Throughout the trek, you’ll witness the authentic rural life of Nepal. This trek is particularly suitable for beginners and families, as it falls under the category of easy treks in Nepal.

Begin the trek with a hike to Sarangkot via Bagar, where you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the Annapurna range and Phewa Lake. Witness an awe-inspiring sunset and rise early to witness one of Nepal’s finest sunrises. After breakfast, continue your trek to Naudanda, relishing the vistas of Pokhara Valley and Phewa Lake along the way. Traverse a forested trail leading to Dhampus Phedi, which marks the final leg of the journey. Conclude the adventure with a scenic drive back to Pokhara. Make sure to check out our Pokhara travel guide so you don’t miss out on anything while staying in the city of lakes!

3. Panchase Trek

Panchase Trek
PC: KimKim

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 4-6 days
  • Maximum Elevation: 2,500 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Pokhara
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: September to May

The Panchase Trek, ideal for beginners and families, is an emerging adventure in Nepal’s Annapurna region. This three-day trek leads you through dense forests and reveals breathtaking Himalayan vistas, including Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Lamjung Himal.

Explore the rich biodiversity of the Panchase region, boasting a wide range of orchids, walnut, oak, pine, and rhododendron (Nepal’s national flower!) Around 125 species of orchids have been recorded in the Panchase region out of 381 known species. It is home to 19 species of mammals including spotted deer, civet cats, leopards, and various bird species like wildfowl, bulbuls, kingfishers, and parrots.

Your journey commences with a scenic boat ride across Phewa Lake, followed by a hike to the World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara. Trek to Bhumdi village, inhabited by Gurung and Brahmin communities. Then, ascend to Phanchase Bhanjyang, relishing captivating mountain views. Conquer Panchase Hill’s stone steps for a panoramic mountain vista. Finally, hike to Bhaduri and return to Pokhara by road.

4. Ghandruk Trek

Ghandruk Trek
View from Ghandruk Village

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 2-5 days
  • Maximum Elevation: 2,012 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Pokhara
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: September to May

Discover the beauty of the Annapurna region by embarking on the Ghandruk Village Trek. CNN has recognized Ghandruk as one of Asia’s most picturesque towns, and you’ll soon understand why. Marvel at the breathtaking views of Annapurna South, Annapurna III, Gangapurna, and Himnchuli from this quaint mountain village. Immerse yourself in the rich Gurung culture by visiting the Gurung Museum and learning about their traditions.

Perfect for beginners and families, the Ghandruk trek is an easy and enjoyable experience. Begin your journey with a scenic drive from Pokhara to Kande, followed by a trek to Ghandruk through the charming village of Landruk. Wake up early to witness the magical sunrise over Ghandruk village, then descend to Modi Khola and hike up to Pothana via Deurali. The next day, trek to Nayapul via Siwai, marking the end of your trekking adventure. Finally, return to Pokhara by road, reminiscing about the stunning landscapes and cultural experiences along the way.

5. Annapurna Dhaulagiri Community Eco Trek

Mohare Danda Trek
PC: Travel Umpire

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 6-8 days
  • Maximum elevation: 3,320 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Pokhara
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: September to May

Experience the beauty of the Annapurna region with the Annapurna Dhaulagiri Community Eco-Trek, also known as the Mohare Danda Trek. This week-long trek is ideal for beginners and families seeking a peaceful and secluded trekking experience. Marvel at the majestic mountains, including Annapurna South, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and Huinchuli, as you traverse through the scenic landscapes. Immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions by passing through Gurung and Magar villages along the way.

Your adventure begins with a scenic drive from Pokhara to Banskharka, the starting point of the trek. Journey through picturesque mountain villages, soaking in the breathtaking mountain views as you make your way to Nangi. On the following day, trek through dense forests adorned with oak and rhododendron trees until you reach the mesmerizing Mohare Hill. This vantage point offers panoramic views of the Himalayas, allowing you to witness magical sunsets and awe-inspiring sunrises.

Continue your trek to Khibang, a small Eco-community village renowned for its community forest and homestay experiences. From there, proceed to Tikot village, a charming Magar settlement, before heading to the tranquil Tiplyang village nestled along the banks of the Kali Gandaki River. Finally, conclude your trek and return to Pokhara by road, cherishing the memories of the stunning landscapes and cultural encounters you experienced throughout your journey.

6. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Maximum Elevation: 3,210 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Pokhara
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: Spring (March and May) and autumn (Mid-September to November)

Experience the wonders of Ghorepani Poon Hill trek, an ideal choice for beginner adventurers and families in Nepal. In just a week, you’ll be immersed in the panoramic beauty of the Himalayas, witnessing captivating sunrises and sunsets from Poon Hill.

From this vantage point, be mesmerized by the majestic peaks of the Annapurna Range, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Mardi Himal, and Huunchuli. Traverse the stunning landscape of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project, where rhododendron forests add vibrancy. Explore traditional Gurung and Magar villages, known for their warm hospitality and Gurkha soldier heritage.

Begin with a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, then cab to Nayapool for permit checks. Trek from Nayapool to Birethanti, an easy hike, before ascending stairs to Ulleri. Continue through rhododendron-lined trails to Ghorepani. Reach the pinnacle at Poon Hill for a breathtaking sunrise and mountain panorama. Return the same way or head to Ghandruk for the final leg. From Ghandruk, walk to Kimchi and easily catch a jeep to Pokhara or Nayapool.

7. Royal Trek

Royal Trek Trail
Royal Trek Trail, PC: Caravan Outdoors

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 7-9 days
  • Maximum Elevation: 1,730 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Pokhara
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: September to May

The Royal Trek unfolds as an exciting expedition in the Annapurna region, leading adventurers to the northern reaches of the Pokhara Valley. Its name derives from the notable visit of Prince Charles and his entourage in the early 1980s. Renowned for its accessibility, this trek stands as an ideal choice for beginners and families seeking an enriching experience. Along the trail, picturesque Gurung villages await, offering glimpses into the authentic rural lifestyle of Nepal.

From Pokhara, the trek officially starts at Bijayapur Khola. Surrounded by farmlands, adventurers tread their way to the serene village of Kalikasthan. The following day unveils a scenic passage through charming villages, accompanied by a trail adorned with vibrant rhododendron trees. Progressing towards Syaklung, trekkers are greeted with splendid vistas of the Annapurna and Lamjung Himal ranges. 

Traverse through Gurung settlements, basking in the panoramic embrace of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, before reaching the final destination of Chisapani. You will end the trek with a rejuvenating hike to Chisapani, and perhaps relish a tranquil boating experience on the tranquil waters of Begnas Tal before returning to Pokhara. 

8. Everest Panorama Trek

Everest Panorama Trek
PC: Adventure White Mountain

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Maximum Elevation: 3,885 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Kathmandu
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: March to May (spring) and September to November (autumn)

Discover a mesmerizing journey awaiting you in the renowned Everest region through the enchanting Everest Panorama View Trek. This extraordinary adventure is carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable experience, perfect for beginners and families seeking an immersive taste of trekking. This extraordinary trek allows you to savor panoramic views of the majestic Himalayas, including the crown jewel itself, Mount Everest. Additionally, be prepared to be enthralled by  towering peaks such as Lhotse, Nuptse, and Ama Dablam, among others. 

As you traverse the renowned Sagarmatha National Park, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will witness the pristine wilderness that is home to a diverse array of wildlife. Keep a lookout for fascinating creatures such as musk deer, elusive snow leopards, graceful mountain goats, and colorful pheasants that add to the allure of the region.

Your adventure starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, a small mountainous town that serves as the gateway to the Everest region. From Lukla, you will embark on a trek along the tranquil banks of the Dudh Koshi river, leading you to the quaint village of Phakding. The trail meanders through verdant forests, offering a serene and enchanting experience.

Continuing your ascent, you will traverse the forested trail and make your way to the renowned Sherpa town of Namche Bazaar. Take a day to acclimatize to the high altitude while exploring the town’s charming cafes, delightful restaurants, souvenir shops, and lively pubs. To enhance your experience, hike to the Everest View Hotel, where you will be rewarded with a jaw-dropping panorama of Everest and its neighboring peaks.

The journey continues as you venture through the enchanting forested trail towards Tengboche, a spiritual haven nestled amidst the mountains. This revered destination is a significant center in the Khumbu region, where resident Rimpoche bestows blessings upon pilgrims, travelers, trekkers, and mountaineers. On clear days, the breathtaking views of Everest, the majestic Ama Dablam, and neighboring peaks will leave you spellbound, providing an experience that transcends the ordinary.

As the trek nears its end, you will retrace your steps back to Namche Bazaar, relishing the familiar trails and bidding farewell to the remarkable mountains that have captured your heart. The final leg of your journey involves a hike back to Lukla, then a flight back to KTM.

9. Khopra Danda Trek (Khopra Ridge Trek)

Khopra Ridge Trek
PC: KimKim

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 10 days
  • Maximum Elevation: 3,900 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Kathmandu
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: March to May (spring) and September to November (autumn)

Indulge in the grandeur of the Himalayas as you begin the Khopra Ridge Trek in the lower Annapurna region. This newly opened trekking route offers a serene and secluded experience, making it an ideal choice for beginners, families, and those seeking tranquility amidst nature’s magnificence.

Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking vistas of majestic mountains, including the mighty Dhaulagiri, the iconic Annapurna I, the enchanting Fishtail Mountain(Machhapuchhre), the imposing Annapurna South, the majestic Manaslu, and the pristine Nilgiri. 

A highlight of the trek is the opportunity to witness mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets from Muldai Peak, where nature paints the sky with vibrant hues, casting an ethereal glow upon the Himalayan panorama. Additionally, a rejuvenating experience awaits you at Tatopani, where you can immerse yourself in a natural hot spring, soothing your weary muscles and providing a well-deserved respite.

Your journey commences with a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, followed by a trek to Ghandruk, the starting point of this remarkable adventure. As you venture forward, a forested trail will guide you to Tadapani, where the beauty of nature unfolds before your eyes. Continuing onwards, you will hike past charming hillside villages, leading you to Dobato, where scenic ridgeline walks offer awe-inspiring mountain views.

The trail will then lead you to Khopra Danda, a vantage point that presents a panoramic tapestry of the Himalayas. Take a moment to soak in the majestic vista as you acclimatize to the altitude. For those seeking an extra adventure, an optional hike to the sacred Khayer Lake awaits, providing a glimpse into the spiritual significance cherished by Hindus.

As your trek progresses, you will head towards Tatopani. It is a natural hot spring and can get a quick rejuvenating dip. From Tatopani, you have the option to either fly back to Pokhara or embark on a scenic bus journey to Kathmandu, allowing you to savor the memories of your incredible trek.

10. Tamang Heritage Trail

Tamang Heritage Trail

Quick Trip Information:

  • Duration: 14 days 
  • Maximum Elevation: 2,380 meters
  • Starting and ending point: Kathmandu
  • Accommodation: Teahouse
  • Best season to travel: March to May (spring) and September to November (autumn)

The Tamang Heritage Trail presents the rich culture and traditions of the Tamang ethnic group, heavily influenced by Tibetan culture. With deep roots tracing back to Tibet, the Tamang people possess a distinct language and heritage (see language in Nepal for more details!) Originally horse traders from Tibet, settled in the hilly region of Nepal many centuries ago. This trek, known for its ease and suitability for beginners and families, also holds a significant purpose in directly supporting the rural economy of Nepal.

Located near the Nepal-Tibet border in the Langtang region, close to the Kathmandu valley, the trek takes you through a trail enveloped by dense forests and lush green farmlands. Revel in the breathtaking vistas of the Langtang range, Ganesh Himal, Gosaikunda range, and neighboring Tibetan peaks.

You will drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi, the starting point of the trek. Then you will hike from Syabrubesi, marveling at the majestic Himalayas en route to the Tamang village of Gatlang. Continue your ascent towards River Thangbuchet and onward to Tatopani, where you can luxuriate in the soothing hot springs. Progressing further, reach Nagathali Danda, a vantage point offering captivating Himalayan views, before continuing your trek to Thuman, another enchanting Tamang village. As you approach Briddim, you will traverse near the Nepal-Tibet border, eventually returning to Syabrubesi. Explore the small town’s handicraft shops, where local items are available for purchase.

Is Trekking Insurance Mandatory For these Beginner Treks in Nepal?

Trekking insurance is mandatory while trekking in Nepal if you need to get permits for conservation areas. However, some of the local treks around Pokhara and Kathmandu will not require trekking insurance as you will not need a TIMS Pass or other conservation permit.

That being said, trekking insurance is always a good ideas as it offers financial security and peace of mind for trekkers in the event of unexpected situations, such as medical emergencies, evacuations, or unforeseen circumstances. It typically includes coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, trip interruption or cancellation, and the loss or theft of personal belongings.

If you are looking for specific suggestions for insurance policies, check out our best insurance for trekking in Nepal guide!

Helpful Tips For Beginner Trekkers in Nepal

beginners trek in nepal

Here are some essential tips for beginners and families embarking on these easier treks in Nepal.

  1. Beginner trekkers and families with young children can easily undertake these treks without complications. So, if you’re new to trekking or have young ones with you, these treks are a great starting point. You can check out our backpacking for beginners blog to help you get ready for your big trek!
  2. Generally, easy treks have shorter itineraries, but feel free to customize it according to your preferences. Shorter itineraries don’t mean you do not need to plan accordingly. Check out our guide that covers how to plan a backpacking trip!
  3. Since easy treks don’t require long hours or weeks of hiking, you can opt for a lighter hiking backpack. However, don’t forget to pack essential items.
  4. It’s important to be mindful about your alcohol and drug intake while trekking, as they can have adverse effects on your health at higher altitudes.
  5. If you’re trekking above 2,500m, familiarize yourself with high altitude sickness (AMS) and its symptoms.
  6. Along with staying hydrated during the trek, it’s crucial to carry a first aid kit, personal medications, and toilet paper for your convenience and safety. See our backpacking checklist to know exactly what you need to pack for your trek!

Beginner Treks in Nepal: Hike and Backpack through the Himalayans

No matter your skill level, there are plenty of trekking routes in Nepal. With careful planning, these 10 beginner treks in Nepal are a great way for newbies to take advantage of the beautiful nature and environment Nepal has to offer.

These treks are also great for families traveling in Nepal as they are accessible for adults and children of all ages. With lower altitudes and closer proximity to villages you can feel safe and secure hiking through the country side. Have a look at the 10 beginner treks in Nepal that we listed out, and take part in an unforgettable vacation in Nepal!

FAQs: Beginner Treks in Nepal

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Beginner Treks in Nepal.

1. What is the easiest trek in Nepal?

The easiest trek in Nepal is the Royal Trek. Located in the Annapurna region, this trail takes you through the picturesque foothills north of the Pokhara valley. In 1981, Prince Charles and his entourage embarked on this route, bestowing it with the name “Royal Trek.”

2. Are there any easy hikes in Nepal?

Yes, there are easy hikes in Nepal, one of them being the Poon Hill Trek. It is perfectly suited to beginners and families. 

3. What is the most scenic trek in Nepal?

Renowned as Nepal’s top trekking destination, the Annapurna Circuit offers one of the most scenic treks in Nepal. Throughout your journey, you will walk through diverse landscapes, from breathtaking valleys and dramatic gorges to serene rivers, pristine lakes, magnificent glaciers, and majestic snow-capped peaks.

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